N2012 - Handmade polymer clay ribbon necklace

Simple Cut Ribbon - SGD 11.50 each
Colours available (not in order):   Baby Blue , Yellow , Pink , Purple, Green

Bring home these little cute ribbons today!  Baked to finest at 130 deg celsuis. Each clay ribbon is able to withstand weights up to 10 kg and resist breaking even by dropping. Every piece is mould to perfection and touched up to remove any fingerprints or fine lines. Jewellery can be worn as a necklace or bracelet or twain around bags as a bag charm.
Extremely versatile and handmade with love!

Normal postage: FOC
14k Gold plated chains and clasp used. 
Chain measures: 50cm
Piece measures: 2cm across, 1.8cm down 






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