Happy Belated CNY everyone! 
My sincere apologizes for not updating the site for quite a while.

Some updates:
1. The site has new TABS for easier navigation.
2. We have started a site that will be offering:
clay doll tutorials 
free tutorials for polymer clay beginners. 
There will be monthly updates from now on. 
Starting from this Valentines Pack.

Valentines 2012 - SGD 15 each
Colours (Left to Right)  TURQUOISE , YELLOW , PINK , ORANGE

Dollies are accompanied with crystal. You will receive almost similar doll as shown. As all dolls are handmade there is no identical pair. Perfect gift for a BFF and BGF!

Valentines series is a simple dollie piece with long chocolate hair, CIH's signature eyes and beautiful smile. Baked at 130 deg celsuis. Each dollie is able to withstand weights up to 10 kg and resist breaking even by dropping. However bending or pulling the piece will result in instant breakage. 


Chain length: 45cm (Short necklace)

Email: / make a quick order