Handmade Polymer Clay Beads

All beads are handmade and comes in 1 bead itself. 
Each design is unique and will not be remake. 
Cane works are specially sourced overseas and comes in very limited designs.

Patterns are on both sides
All bead measures 20-22mm
Hole : 0.8mm

Beads shown are unglazed. Kindly request for glazing upon purchase.

BD14 - SGD5

BD15 - SGD5

BD19 - SGD5

BD20 - SGD5

BD21 - SGD5

BD22 - SGD5

BD23 - SGD5

BD26 - SGD5

BD30 - SGD5

BD32 - SGD5

BD33 - SGD5

Additional $1.50 for postage below $20
Free normal mail for purchase $20 and above.

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