Workaholic series

The workaholic collection tells us to take a break in between the bustling everyday life we. Each piece is modified with a little screw dollie, simply adorable at a size of 2.5cm and detachable from pendant as a charm. Tie a cream ribbon and give yourself a break once in a while. Every piece tells something. Suitable for a workaholic.

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No remakes

Workaholic 1- SGD 15.00 *sold*

After work = home sweet home

Workaholic 2 - SGD 15.00 *sold*

Be a princess after a good hammer.
Postage: FOC

Workaholic 3 - 

A break to paris! *SOLD*

Postage: FOC

Workaholic 4 - SGD 

Diamond ring and lots of pearls!
Postage: FOC

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